• Title: The Self-Health Handbook: Low-Cost, Easy to Use Therapies from Around the World
  • Author: Kenneth A. Dachman, Joen P. Kinnan, Ken Dachman
  • Released: 1996-01-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 0816032017
  • ISBN13: 978-0816032013
  • ASIN: 0816032017
Lack of insurance coverage, astronomical health care costs and an overall drop in medical consumer confidence has led to a surge of interest in alternative approaches to traditional medicine. The perfect guide for readers looking to take control of their bodies, The Self-Health Handbook profiles 50 self-administred therapies from around the world. Each entry features a detailed description of the therapy and its applications, a history of the origin of the therapy, contraindications if any and equipment needed if any. In most cases the therapies described in the book go beyond a simple problem and cure relationship; they often lead to chanign one's whole way of life. Subjects include: Your Healing Hands- acupressure and other massage-oriented techniques. The Breath of Life - breathing exercises to help fight stress, increase well-being and counteract respiratory diseases. Eating for Health - diets and eating plans. Flowers, Plants and Herbs - aromatherapy and herbalism. The Mind as Healer - mental techniques from affirmations to dream therapy. Healing Through nature's Elements - crystals, magnets, hydrotherapy, heat and light therapy. Alternative Healing Systems and Practices - homeopathy, nutritional supplement therapy and others. This book is a vital resource for health care instructors, holistic health devotees, and frustrated health care consumers looking for alternatives.

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