• Title: Aris Rising: The Court of Vampires: AN INFINITY DIARIES NOVEL
  • Released: 2013-04-02
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 312
  • ASIN: B00BR312OM
Review Blending sensual fantasy and the supernatural, this vampire saga takes a welcome turn.- Kirkus

I really liked this book and will definitely be reading the next one when it comes out. I rate it 4 stars. - Lorna Pure Textuality

From the Inside Flap Interview with Aris
By Melanie Fairchild

On many occasions I have interviewed authors just before the release of their newest work, but this is the first time I have ever had a conversation with the main character of an historical fiction novel. I must admit as I sat in the bar of the Biltmore Hotel waiting to have a heart-to-heart with a two-thousand-year old vampire, I had my doubts about the validity of the whole situation as well as the sanity of my editor for sending me on such a wild goose chase.

Then he walked into the room. The whole atmosphere changed. The lights appeared suddenly softer, more inviting. The chatter in the room more subdued, almost mysterious. The late afternoon sun fell through the skylights with a soft golden light in such a way that he didn't even cast a shadow on the hard marble floor as he walked toward me. I don't think I've ever seen a more handsome man; over six feet tall, black wavy hair, golden skin and deep dark eyes, his face ageless, his presence commanding. He had the attention of every woman in the place. It was impossible not to stare at him. I realized I wasn't breathing as I lifted my hand to draw his attention. He owned the room as he walked toward my table, a smile of recognition spreading across his perfect features.

I had to do some conscious yogic breathing when he leaned down to shake my hand. His fragrance was overwhelming. It was an olfactory representation of a combination of everything virile and noble and potent that I had ever or could ever imagine. I mean, it was GOOD! He smiled as he sat down. There were no fangs on his straight, white teeth, but there was a sparkle in his eye as he caught me checking out his canines.

Laughing nervously, I waited for him to settle into our booth across from me. His cream-colored summer sweater outlined the contour of his powerful shoulders as he waited for me to speak. Another moment of silence, then without thinking the words escaped from my lips.

MF: Are you hungry?

(He closed his eyes just a little. His eyelashes were so long and thick they cast shadows like brushes on his high cheek bones. He stared at me for a moment then smiled.)

ARIS: That depends on what's on the menu, does it not?

(Note to my readers: At that moment, the guy could have devoured anything I had that he wanted. I cleared my throat and stammered for a moment before I could go on. He laughed, pleasantly amused, and the sound made me stammer even more; his laugh was deep, rich, real. I took another deep breath as I gathered my thoughts. This was supposed to be a vampire. I am supposed to be a journalist. Whether this man was out of his mind or not, I was facing a once in a lifetime opportunity. I became determined not to come under the spell of this enchanting creature. I retrieved my lap top from its carrying case and began to type with a determination I didn't feel.)

  You are known by the name Aris. Do you have a last name?

ARIS: Aris is my last name. It is my only name.

MF: And you say you are a vampire? It is difficult to believe that vampires really exist.

(Note to my readers: This said even though the man was too gorgeous to be human and the scent of him produced strange stirrings in places inside me I never knew existed before.)

MF: Can you prove there is such a thing as vampires?

ARIS: Can you prove there is not? (Again, that wonderful laughter. I ignored his question and continued.)

MF: Are there more of your kind?

ARIS: Many more of my kind, many different breeds of what you call vampires. Some are earthly beings. Those are the vampires of legend. The evil, blood drinkers who hold no value for life be it human or others of their own species. They live without laws or conscience; they slay without reason or remorse. Their murders are undetectable. They live in darkness, avoiding human contact except to torture or kill.

My breed is different. We do drink blood, but our makers were from another world. They came to earth as explorers, scientists. Most returned to their home planet but two stayed on. It was from the female that a society of half-breeds was born. We are half human and half alien, human beings with alien venom in our veins. We are able to sleep and eat yet we have no need to do so. If we eat, our human system processes the food to our human cells. If we don't, the alien venom that circulates through our veins sustains us. If we choose to breathe, our lungs process oxygen to our human cells. We appear very much the same as you except for our great beauty and our ageless countenance. We walk among your kind without your suspecting what we are, the Immortals.

To read more go to: trulovestories.com/uncategorized/an-interview-with-aris-the-vampire/

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