• Title: Dead Men Don't Leave Tips: Adventures X Africa
  • Author: Bob Rich, Brandon Wilson
  • Released: 2005-11-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 276
  • ISBN: 0977053644
  • ISBN13: 978-0977053643
  • ASIN: 0977053644
Review "A captivating tale filled with a passion for travel, vivid and exciting, as well as funny, and real." -- Reiko Matsumoto TravelWriter MarketLetter, September 2006

"A delight and a puzzlement...the delight being the tale itself...It is, as many trips go, the end that really whomps you..." -- Marilis Hornidge, Book Reviewer, The Courier-Gazette, Maine, August 2006

"Terrific read from first page to last-and would make a popular addition to any personal or community library travel section." -- Midwest Book Review, March 2006

"The most eclectic collection of travelers I've ever read about. I couldn't stop laughing. Highly recommended. (smile)" -- James Damico, Wanderingtheworld.com

"This is a masterful crossroads of characters, exotic places, history and human drama in a rig that never stalls..." -- Richard Bangs, author The Lost River and Mystery of the Nile/adventurer/executive producer Yahoo Media Group

"Travel book that transcends its genre to become a transformative journey of the soul into a disparate and gorgeously challenging culture..." -- C. W. Gortner, author of The Secret Lion and The Last Queen

"…a magical story laced with humor and tragedy…it brings Africa to readers on an intimate level not found elsewhere." -- Andrew F. O’Hara, author of The Swan: Tales of the Sacramento Valley/journalist

"…an adventure journal only the craziest traveler would take as a guide. But we can dream, can’t we?" (5 shakas) -- Joseph W. Bean, Book Reviewer, Maui Weekly(Hawaii), October 26, 2005

From the Publisher DEAD MEN DON'T LEAVE TIPS: Adventures X Africa by Brandon Wilson is, at first glance, a story about a couple’s seven month, 10,000-mile, 17-country trans-African odyssey – overland across Africa from Morocco to Cape Town. After their organized overland safari turns into a nightmare, they set off across Africa alone.

More an adventure story than a scholastic treatise on Africa, this book takes readers across Africa as these "everyman" travelers photo-stalk mountain gorillas, breakdown in the Sahara for two weeks, hunt with Pygmies, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, explore the Serengeti, hop a "gun-run" through Mozambique's civil war, raft Zambezi rapids and arrive in South Africa as Soweto erupts into violence.

It is humorous, anguished and brutally real. Nothing is painted in the typical writer's wide brush extolling one beautiful sunset or another glorious setting. This book exposes the humor and frustration of crossing a land where the rules change daily. The reader experiences first-hand the ups and downs of independent travel in a land still little-known by Western audiences.

On the other hand, it also lends a human face to the continent that is vastly different from the one portrayed in the news or non-profit commercials.

From the award-winning author of YAK BUTTER BLUES: A Tibetan Trek of Faith.

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